Events and Conferences

From the past to the future at Scherbinka   Rail Engineer - November 2017
Report from the August 2017 Russian rail trade show, EXPO1520 

International insights from the Causasus   Rail Engineer - August 2017
Report from the June 2017 1520 Strategic Forum in Sochi

International Developments at Sochi          Rail Engineer - July 2016
Report from the June 2016 1520 Strategic Forum in Sochi

RZD president looks to growing traffic from Asia to make up for fall in EU exports                                        Global Rail News - June 2016
Report from the June 2016 Strategic Forum in Sochi

Beijing and Moscow's high speed partnership  Railstaff - July 2015
Russia and China aim for high speed link between Moscow and Beijing by 2030

Network Rail hailed in Russia         Global Rail News - October 2014
Network Rail's procurement policy praised at Open Dialogue Forum in Sochi

Politics don't stop Yakunin                                       Railstaff - July 2014
Report from the June 2014 1520 Strategic Forum in Sochi

Russia's big show                                   Rail Engineer - November 2013
EXPO 1520 - Russia's two-yearly industry trade show at Shcherbinka, Moscow

Большое шоу России                                
Russia's big show article translated into Russian

Sochi 1520                                                                      Railstaff - June 2013
Report from the June 2013 Strategic Forum in Sochi

Russian Railways back in Berlin       Rail Engineer - November 2012
Russian Railways at InnoTrans

Russia backs international rail links              Railstaff - August 2012
Strong European representation at June 2012 1520 Strategic Forum in Sochi

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Russian Renaissance                                 Rail Engineer - January 2012
Russian Railways outline ambitious plans at their second five-yearly Congress