Subway Revival                                                                    Rail Engineer - September 2016
Progress with Glasgow Subway modernisation and its introduction of Unattended Train Operation

Edinburgh gets its Trams                                                               Rail Engineer - June 2014
Completion of Edinburgh tram project

Squeezing more from the tube                                                    Rail Engineer - April 2013
London Transport gets yet more capacity from its underground

Trams without wires                                                            Rail Engineer - December 2012
Systems to power trams without overhead wires

Clockwork Orange reborn                                                  Rail Engineer - December 2012
Glasgow Subway - modernisation of stations, tunnel improvements and plans for new rolling stock and signalling

A tale of two cities                                                                Rail Engineer - December 2012
IMechE Railway Division Young Members visit to London Underground and Paris Metro

It's tram time                                                                                Rail Engineer - August 2011
Edinburgh's tram depot and its trams